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Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates (Pvt) Limited

To cater for their growing clientele and enable them to deliver exceptional and consistent services to the local and global market, Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates (one of the largest and diversified management consultants in Pakistan), has signed an agreement with iST Corporate Performance Management Consultants, as their primary Outsourcing Services Partner for Software Licensing, Implementation and Support Services. 

To know more about Sidat Hyder, please visit www.sidathyder.com.pk

Outsourcing Products

1. Sidat Hyder Enterprise Applications Suite

Sidat Hyder has designed a next generation Enterprise Applications Suite to endure the burden of your Enterprise core business operations with proven domain knowledge, functionality, scalability and reliability. It combines the power of Microsoft .Net with the rich application development environment of PowerBulder to provide an open extensible environment.
Sidat Hyder Enterprise Application Suite is simple to learn, use and implement and is easy to link with third party solutions. Sidat Hyder Suite optimized Supply Chain models for multiple verticals, provide increased agility to your organization so you can embrace change with confidence. The integrated environment of Sidat Hyder ERP lets you manage all your operations with a single interface and one real-time database. Sidat Hyder Suite is multi-company, multi-location and multi-division ERP which tactically manages your entire global business.

2. Enhance Productivity with Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Sidat Hyder Suite improves responsiveness, increases productivity, enhance customer services and eliminates additional cost by providing maximum return-on-investment (ROI). We have one of the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) due to our self developed Sure-Success deployment and implementation model. Using Sure-Success we can implement our solutions in months, not in years, providing immediate benefits of the customer.

3. Robust Architecture
Sidat Hyder Suite is a result of over 10 years of continuous efforts by some of the best domain experts, financial consultants and developer in the International market. The real time recording of transactions in the live database instantly updates and validates the data changes across the entire solution. The parametrically configured controls of applications allow an enhanced support of multiple business verticals and manufacturing models simultaneously.

4. Facilitate employees in working fast and smart
The simplified Graphical User Interface GUI and single sign-on model provide an intuitive user experience that reduce training time and facilitate a faster execution. The unified security shell of ERP provides enhanced security with a job profile based segregation of specific information, employees view and tasks. Employees can personalize their priorities using ‘Favorites’ and customize their jobs and tasks using ‘Alerts’.
The vast amount of data stored in the ERP systems is sometimes difficult to access and understand. The real time queries and reporting in Sidat Hyder ERP allows improved visualization of business information, thus ameliorating the overall productivity of organization.

5. The complete solution
Sidat Hyder ERP enables companies to efficiently manage customer processes, manufacture products, ship orders, collect payments, and more—all from applications that are built on unified information architecture. Whether you implement one module or the entire Suite, Sidat Hyder Enterprise Application Suite enables you to share unified information across the enterprise so you can make smarter decisions with better information.

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